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From The Principal

Venkateshwar Signature School welcomes it's Founder Principal

The past 25 years or so have been a period of exhilarating experience spent in gaining deeper insights into facets of education that go beyond the mere acquisition of academic learning, and which bear significant implications in shaping human thought, behaviour and action. The tools and means that education provides are commonly directed at and contribute to the physical, intellectual, emotional, material and social progress of people. But an important area that is often neglected is the influence that education can have on moral, ethical and spiritual progress. This latter role of education has been an area of keen interest for me over the decades for the completeness that it imparts to school education.

Schools working with children in their formative years have a very crucial and delicate responsibility: to help children acquire appropriate knowledge, concepts, attitudes, skills and values, thus nurturing in them the capabilities that will help them lead fruitful and useful lives in future not only for themselves but for others as well. The bookish learning that many schools promote in their hurry to ‘complete the portion’ and nothing more is the greatest disservice that they can render to the young members of our society who will thus remain ill prepared for the challenges of life that await them in future.

My purpose as Principal is simple enough: to ensure a wholesome educational programme at Venkateshwar Signature School that will help develop the varied innate capacities and potentialities of our students to the fullest. No student will ever be allowed to get lost in the crowd, to go unheard, to go unattended! Whether through online sessions or in-person classes at the school, every experience at VSS–big or small–will be a learning moment for our students that will prepare them for the future. Excellence in academics, sports, social competencies and life skills, as also in speech, behavior and conduct is what we desire for our students at VSS, the realization of which will always be the primary concern and focus of my team and me.

Payam Shoghi
Principal, Venkateshwar Signature School.