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“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”

Rabindranath Tagore

At VSS, our mission is to rekindle our student’s curiosity about the world around them in a community environment that fosters a sense of teamwork, empathy, and awareness. Each day at the VSS begins with a remembrance of our motto. To be rooted to our Value system; to achieve the Strength to walk ahead; to be blessed with Success.

Education today has come a long way from the traditional chalk-talk method. The National Education Policy (NEP) asks us to provide equal importance to academics and sports. The VSS has a campus sprawling over 25 acres with world class academic and sporting facilities. We are a home to a wide range of sports ranging from football, basketball, tennis to the most sought after fencing, shooting, and archery. The state-of-art classrooms come with interactive panels where our facilitators and students collaborate into making learning a fun activity every day.

As parents, we all know how important the holistic development of a child is. We come across multiple articles that state the importance of skill development since an early age. We believe that all our students can learn the skills to be successful in the classroom and beyond. Our approach to education is highly individualized and combines a unique presentation of the curriculum along with a collaborative approach in the classrooms. We believe in the power of inspiration, finding one’s strengths, positive relationships, therapeutic environment, mentoring and goal setting and supporting our students as they walk towards their goals and dreams.

We wish to provide a qualitatively different learning environment that nurtures a passion for intellectual curiosity, encourages risk taking, independence and innovation, and is committed to a tradition of academic and sporting excellence and social responsibility.

Anindita's Signature