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Awareness on World Environment Day At VSS, Best School In Raipur

Awareness on World Environment Day At VSS, Best School In Raipur

With an objective to encourage general awareness and action for the environment, VSS, the best school in Raipur, celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th. It was organized to raise awareness among children to take positive environmental actions to protect nature and the planet Earth. Students came together to pledge towards building a greener planet. Keeping this aim in view, the teachers and other staff gave an insight into the importance of the day. 

Need of the Hour

VSS, being a responsible school, made students aware of the need to take immediate action to save the environment and Mother Earth. We asked each one to do their bit by stopping the use of plastic bags, stop wasting food and to start using public transportation to save fuel. They were taught how to make eco–friendly bags and start recycling for a greener tomorrow. VSS, the best school in Raipur, motivates students to lead the eco-revolution and become change-makers. Students were enlightened about the role of the environment in supporting life on the Earth and human development. 

Students were made to take an oath to initiate saving the environment and do their share for a cleaner and greener Earth. Teachers educated the students on how to plant and adopt a tree and made them motivated to plant more and more trees. They were also told to plant saplings at their homes. The staff advised the children to protect the natural environment and take appropriate measures to engage in environmentally-friendly activities. Students were made to explore nature through various activities conducted like tree planting campaigns, art from waste exhibits, recycling initiatives, waste reduction initiatives etc.

The main purpose was to spread awareness about the need to protect the environment and the different ways to do it. Teachers spread awareness among the children about saving our environment from various types of pollution and how to make our mother earth full of greenery. 

Being Responsible Citizens

VSS, the best school in Raipur, discusses the condition of our environment today and why we need to be aware. Students were advised on what steps we should take immediately so that we can make our environment healthy and safe to live in. In the end, a promise was taken from all the students that no one would pollute the environment and will not allow anyone to do so. We tried to make our students responsible for the environment by making a difference to the way they view the environment.

VSS, the best school in Raipur, made an earnest collaborative effort through teachers and students, to infuse renewed support for environmental conservation. This endeavor by responsible citizens of the country at VSS was aimed at committing to work together to build a safer, more prosperous and equitable world for all. 

Awareness on World Environment Day At VSS, Best School In Raipur

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