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Why The Academics In VSS Makes It The Best Primary School In Raipur

Best Primary School In Raipur

Education is the most fundamental aspect of your child’s development. And, it is the most important responsibility of every parent to ensure that their child gets the best education. In that regard, academics play a very important role in determining which school your child must go to and how that education can shape him/her. At VSS, we acknowledge that the academics we provide can determine the course of your child’s future. And, so we have a couple of points that will explain to you what our perspective is in terms of the academics we offer and how it can help your child for years to come. 

VSS Raipur is not only the top school but is also the best primary school in Raipur. While creating a curriculum and setting out the academic structure, we strive to impart excellent education and make sure that all important aspects required for the growth of a child have culminated into one holistic approach. This structure encompassed the three H’s: Head, Heart and Hand, in a warm, healthy and learner-friendly environment. To explain it further, we create a structure that will help promote well-planned activities with a focus on equipping the students with core skills that are relevant to today’s world. As competition is growing and the world is in the midst of a rat race, VSS has included several intelligent aspects to prepare your child for the world. These are:

1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

2. Creativity and Imagination

3. Communication and Collaboration

4. Leadership and Personal Development

5. Responsible Citizenship

6. Digital Literacy

Being the best primary school in Raipur, we aim at developing generations of self-aware, confident and capable adults ready to take on global challenges.

Having spoken about the curriculum briefly, VSS encourages a positive outlook for every student that is admitted into our institution wherein they are constantly encouraged to look within themselves and use external resources that we provide to develop their personalities and refine skills that are unique to them. All children at VSS are nurtured to the best of their capacity.

Some of the steps taken to do so are:

1. Scientifically designed curriculums that help in promoting a spirit of curiosity, create intrigue and help every student to become a meaningful part of their respective environment.

2. We use an approach that focuses on the child and is globally relevant at all times.
Activities are crafted in a way that is innovative and creative so that it makes it easier to strengthen basic concepts

3. One of the main aims is to maximize the potential of the child, build team spirit and instill confidence making it the best primary school in Raipur.

4. Affiliation with foreign Boards vis-à-vis IB and Cambridge will be introduced in due course of time

Students are taught in a way that they use aspects of experimentation to come up with innovative ideas by themselves. Students with refined project ideas are supported by the school and encouraged to participate at a competitive level

There is an emphasis on bringing together theory with practical applications to get a peek into the real world. There is an availability of laboratories, undertake field visits, outdoor experimentation and project development.

Thus, VSS caters to all sorts of children with different academic interests with a strong base of being the best primary school in Raipur.

Why The Academics In VSS Makes It The Best Primary School In Raipur

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