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CBSE Schools in Raipur

CBSE Schools In Raipur

VSS or the Venkateshwar Signature School is the CBSE Schools in Raipur that stands out because of its different mindset of promoting its students to create their name in this world and to help them flourish themselves into strong individuals.

Venkateshwar Signature School, the CBSE Schools in Raipur was founded with Dr Dharamvir Dhillon, who is also the president of Masters Athletics Federation of India (MAFI). VSS is his creation along with the help of Mr Rajpal Solanki the founder of Venkateshwar Group of School and hospitals. Mr Dharamvir Dhillion says about VSS the CBSE Schools in Raipur-"I envisage Institution rich in tradition and Indian culture producing students, who through their education, will serve as productive members of the society."

Venkateshwar Signature School, the CBSE Schools in Raipur, its motto is Value, Strength and success. Value stands for to swallow well-heeled widespread, ethical and conventional principles. Strength stands for embryonic power of the physical body, the conscious mind and the wits. Success stands for converting plans into actions. Their main focus is to help build unique character trails. The desire is to be a pacesetter among the teaching band. The aim is to assist apprentice to find their individuality and they believe that every student is an exclusive individual with inborn fundamental capabilities. It is a CBSE Schools in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Ms Shweta Dhillon, Chairperson of VSS, the CBSE Schools in Raipur has to say- "The VSS visualizes providing teaching-learning experiences that are child-centred and global in approach and yet help retain the rich contents of our glorious culture and traditional past. The school is devoted to character building and all-round personality development of its students, covering areas of intellectual stimulation, physical robustness, social adaptability, emotional independence, fluency and depth in communication, confidence building and leadership qualities. It aims to build and nurture a community of thinking, compassionate world citizens, committed to living with responsibility, learning with enthusiasm, balancing strong work ethos with a sense of play." making it one of the best CBSE Schools in Raipur.

VSS the CBSE School in Raipur has exceptional qualities which makes it stick out making it top CBSE Schools in Raipur. They are Platinum Rated Green Building; VSS is rated 2nd with as a Green building in Central India and is the 3rd Platinum Rated Green Building in complete India. Centrally conditioned: both heating and cooling system, the biggest single block building of Chhattisgarh with an area of two lakh sq. feet, the first school in Chhattisgarh with four tennis courts, synthetic track on the field, proposed day boarding school i.e. the school which follows both CBSE and Cambridge curriculums making it one of the best known CBSE Schools in Raipur, e-learning, the core curriculum is planned by very highly-praised educators and researchers who have practice in their fields more than 20 years and biodiversity park to delve into, notice and come into contact with the environment around us.

The curriculum is successfully conveyed by a pedagogy that hunts a way to make education more appealing, inspiring and consequential. These teaching are designed in such a way which raises curiosity and supports them to create a more significant place on earth. It is specially designed keeping the children in mind and keeping the current needs of the environment. It is a CBSE school in Raipur which has an original approach to itself to get the young minds to explore inside and out to figure what is best for them as well helping them create a strong fundamental base for them to expand their consciousness with a strong belief system to help them grow into strong individuals.

This CBSE Schools in Raipur supports their children to not be static and to be dynamic with continuous exploration of their inner power and potential by conducting Lab classes, role play, educational visits, audiovisual aids, dramatization, field trips, projects and many more.

VSS the CBSE Schools in Raipur makes sure to take care of the safely of its offspring's by installing high-class security, CCTV cameras. This school doesn't only promote the children to take charge of their life and become dedicated people which the community today needs but also gives a scope for their parents to help their children into a better human being along with growing as a person themselves.