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English School in Raipur

Nelson Mandela mentioned education to be a powerful weapon that can change the world.

With that said, today there are different streams and different courses that people choose to have a great career ahead.

But before getting into a particular stream, what remains the most important thing is the base.

A proper school forms the base for any student who carries on ahead with his or her further studies. Today, there are many students from small or medium cities such as Raipur who have highly aspiring dreams to catch up. That is why parents today wish to enroll their kids in the best English Medium in Raipur. Venkateshwar Signature School is one such school on which parents can rely for their children’s futures.

The Best Learning Platform for the Modern Kids

The modern kids are impatient as they have lots of questions about everything that they see. This is not a bad thing. This can be one of the best ways to educate the growing kids. Experts at Venkateshwar Signature School (VSS) has adapted to this method of using different strategies to teach the students in place of the traditional teaching system.

The Curriculum and the Teaching Style:

Though VSS is a CSBC School in Raipur, it also follows the curriculum of Cambridge. The senior educationists have designed the curriculum that has innovative activities, investigative studies, and others. Such strategies will not only help the children in learning quickly but also will make the kids ready for global exposure.

Here are some of the ways how the school will offer innovative learning for the students

  • The classrooms have LED screens, multimedia technologies, and others to offer a smart class for the students.
  • The teachers teach the students with the help of various activities such as role-play, exploration, dramatization, creative games, group presentations, field trips, and so on.
  • Interesting projects, educations visits, audiovisual aids, and others are also an important part of the education system at the school.

Complete Development:

VSS does not just focus on the learning and education done based on books and syllabus. The English Medium School in Raipur also thinks about the overall growth of the students. There are different activities that the students can engage in for their mental as well as physical development.

  • There are external sports options for better physical development such as football. Lawn tennis, cricket, hockey, and others.
  • There are also some internal games for mental development such as chess.
  • Apart from the sports options, there are also other activities such as aerobics, and yoga to offers complete physical and mental development for the students.
  • VSS takes mental health quite seriously and hence has meditation as an important part of the school activities too.

The Innovative Facilities

VSS is not just offering a complete and innovative development for the students but also is providing innovative facilities for them. Spread at an area of 25 acres, this CBSE School in Raipur have loaded facilities so that nothing can stop your child’s development.

  • The school is surrounded by green areas such as playing gardens, biodiversity parks, synthetic track fields, and others. This makes the area to have reduced pollution so that the students can continue studying in a healthy environment here. This has made the school get the recognition of Central India’s platinum-graded green building.
  • The school is completely air-conditioned to offer a comfortable and luxurious session to the students while they are away from their actual homes.
  • There are several fields and tracks for different sports so that all the students can participate in their respective sports and activities in the right way.
  • The digital library offers the freedom of reading through different materials at their convenience.
  • The air-conditioned auditorium is capable of holding 500 heads in the audience and the auditorium is featured with various multimedia facilities.
  • The parents who are not able to drop their kids to school do not have to worry as the school offers bus services for such kids. The buses have GPS integrated into them so that the parents can track them while the kids are en-route. Also, they can contact the driver for any situations that may come up.

Having a good school for the children today is very important when the competition is so high today. Enrolling the kids in the right school not only helps the kids in getting ready for the future well but also helps in their overall development.

VSS offers a helping hand in making the kids ready for their upcoming future and also for the competition that they are about to face. It is the best CBSE School in Raipur as it not just prepares the students as per the national modules but also as per the international curriculum. Thus, it not just prepares the kids to face the competition with the country but also on the global front.

English Medium School in Raipur