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Kavita’s Signature

We all grew up …. as children , as students and then as educators in our “Profession “listening to deeply meaningful quotes…like the one most commonly used ….. by Y.B. Keats :

‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire.’

It directly points to the fact that Education is not the assimilation of information, but the sparking of curiosity in the minds of the learners, whereby it becomes a fire … expansive in nature that would spread its lights around .. benefitting society as a whole .

The Venkateshwar Signature School is a challenging platform for the young learners under

its care .. tinkering their cognitive domains , leading them on the path of inquiry and finding answers !!

Times changed … values changed ..for better or worse ?? Hard to say .. but we at the VSS , are talking of strengthening the old value systems .

Are schools the place where this has to be taken up as a part of curriculum.. are there books to teach these ?

I’d say there’s no book like ‘Life ‘ to help us learn from, and we need to look at the definition of life .. a journey ? Experiencing experiences ? Learning from them ??

Where does a professional educator come in?? Do we have a role to play ? We sure do !! While it is our role to give them dreams .. give them wings to fly on … it’s also for us to pilot their flights to help them land safely irrespective of the turbulences they may experience along the journey.

That’s what the VSS aims at … preparing the young learners under its care … for life !!

Welcome to the VSS!

Kavita’s Signature

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