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Priyanka’s Signature

“Values in life are like roots of the trees. Even when everything falls apart, they help you start a fresh”

To guide out life in the right direction and to embellish our behavior with good qualities, we need values. Our values represent our principles, our life goals and even it reflects in our behavior. It is essential that we take time to reflect on to our values, identify them and change them in order to live a happy, worthy and productive life. Only values can keep us high in life, there is no substitute for values. Let our life be build with strong basement of values and never ever maneuver or sideline your true values.

Our motto, Value, Strength and Success, signifies that a person with true values is always with full of strengths and it therefore leads to success.

We at Venkateshwar Signature School, make sure to inculcate in children good values for life at the very young age. It is not the money, power, position and beauty that lasts long, but the life with good values, that you lead and every little smile that radiates happiness within you and people around. “A highly developed value system is like a compass. It serves as a guide to point you in the right direction when you are lost.”

Priyanka’s Signature