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Samridhi’s Signature

Professional sport is as much a scientific pursuit as it is a recreational phenomenon. With India taking a leap in the world of sports internationally, it is important for schools to incorporate sports as a mainstream aspect for the overall development of a child. With premium schools like Venkateshwar Signature School in Raipur, who understand the significance of sports in the growth of a child, can help in developing an all-rounder student. Gone are the days when each student needed to be a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. In the path of progression, Indians are aiming to excel in every field. This can only be possible with top schools in India bringing in ample opportunities for their students by providing them an international level infrastructure to support their dreams.

As one of the best schools in Raipur, Venkateshwar Signature School launched a fencing coaching camp under the aegis of Chhattisgarh Pradesh Fencing Association. Initially Indian fencing champions like Bhavani Devi had to travel abroad for their training needs as India lacked the infrastructure, funding, equipment and awareness about this not-so-much-spoken sport. With International schools like Venkateshwar Signature School, who are recognizing sports like fencing as a potential sport for winning medals in International events alongside giving their students a cutting edge in the world.

Fencing is not only seen as a sport at this CBSE school in Raipur, but it is seen as a sport that requires mental strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and patience which helps in overall development of the students and equips them to face everyday challenges. Such sports also teach one to take the right decision at the right time, which is a principle aspect of human life.

Samridhi’s Signature

At the launch of the coaching camp, Shri Jai Singh Agrawal, Cabinet Minister (Revenue) praised and said Venkateshwar Signature School is undoubtedly The best CBSE School in State.

Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam, Cabinet Minister (Education Minister) showed immense support and acknowledged Venkateshwar Signature School as one of the finest schools in Raipur.

During the closing ceremony, Sh Umesh Nandkumar Patel, Cabinet Minister (Sports Minister) lauded the efforts of the school Management for organising such state of art coaching camp with facilities par excellence. Capt. Ankur Dhillon, Chairman of Venkateshwar Signature School aims at a holistic approach towards learning, which pushes the students not just academically but also in sports and cultural activities. VSS is helping their students expand their horizons by providing world-class facilities and expediting them to achieve greater heights in the new light of success in Raipur.

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