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In this ever changing, progressive world , there are new dimensions that add to the field of education each day that facilitate new challenges and experiences that motivate and enthrall both the teachers and the learners.

A premium school in Raipur, Venkateshwar Signature School embodies the core belief, that learning and creativity; knowledge and wisdom are integral parts of the educational journey.

As Aristotle very rightly said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” and at Venkateshwar Signature School, discipline and kindness, patience and tolerance are the cornerstones of the path ahead.

In its very first year, the school has successfully undertaken many pioneering initiatives that have become scaffolds for multidimensional learning and has set the students on a well guided path to becoming confident global leaders.

At Venkateshwar Signature School, the emotional, intellectual and physical well being of every student is nurtured with pride, giving them wings to soar high.

Become a welcome part of this wondrous journey, as the VSS takes the lead in shaping the future of learning.

Sandra’s Signature