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Sowmya’s Signature

Sowmya’s Signature

Reach high for the stars lie hidden in your soul

Dream deep for every dream precedes a goal

Education in its true sense is an ecosystem that helps students follow their natural curiosity and unravel their own unique career paths. It gives wings to their ideas. Our protégés are the corals that have the resilience that is the marshal of their thoughts, the armour of their will, and the fort of their reason in the global humanity. Continuous effort underpinned by cutting edge compelling vision, a comprehensive innovative plan and social relevance convey the idea that there is always a way forward.

We may not have a perfect set of plans because the world is always changing, but we are always open to new ideas and treat them tenderly and deferentially so that they do not get bruised in infancy.  We don’t have a perfect road map, but we have a path forward and we have each other and a North Star for each of our students in the form of their mentors who guide them in the right direction with a vivacious and edifying erudition culture. 

It is important to put an effort to institutionalize global competencies and related skills as an essential must have for people of all ages to lead a productive, prosperous and peaceful life. VSS enables the students to embrace the future, equip with knowledge, skills and attitude to become active and open minded citizens.

Our motto,” Value, Strength and Success” epitomizes the essence of our education system. We believe in building forward an Education that connects & creates not only the Career but good human beings.  Concurrently, no child is left behind; each one is uplifted, counseled and addressed to face the larger world.

Sowmya’s Signature