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The Effect of Parental Involvement on Student Behavior

The Effect of Parental Involvement on Student Behavior

Students whose parents stay involved in school have better attendance and behavior, get better grades, demonstrate better social skills and adapt better to school. Parental involvement also more securely sets these students up to develop a lifelong love of learning, which researchers say is key to long-term success.

A gen­er­a­tion ago, the Nation­al PTA found that three key par­ent behav­iors are the most accu­rate pre­dic­tors of stu­dent achieve­ment, tran­scend­ing both fam­i­ly income and social status:

  1. cre­at­ing a home envi­ron­ment that encour­ages learning;
  2. com­mu­ni­cat­ing high, yet rea­son­able, expec­ta­tions for achieve­ment; and 
  3. stay­ing involved in a child’s edu­ca­tion at school.

In one instance, researchers look­ing at children’s aca­d­e­m­ic and social devel­op­ment across first, third and fifth grade found that improve­ments in parental involve­ment are asso­ci­at­ed with few­er ​“prob­lem behav­iors” in stu­dents and improve­ments in social skills. Researchers also found that chil­dren with high­ly involved par­ents had ​“enhanced social func­tion­ing” and few­er behav­ior problems.

Par­ent involve­ment also ben­e­fits teach­ers. Know­ing more about a stu­dent helps teach­ers pre­pare bet­ter and know­ing that they have par­ents’ sup­port ensures that teach­ers feel equipped to take aca­d­e­m­ic risks and push for stu­dents to learn more.

The Effect of Parental Involvement on Student Behavior

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