Admissions open for the Classes KG 1 to IX and XI for the Session 2024-25. Click Here to Apply now       Looking for the Best school for class 9th? VSS Raipur it is!

Looking for the Best school for class 9th? VSS Raipur it is!

Looking for the Best school for class 9th? VSS Raipur it is!

Your child will learn Assertion and Reason at VSS Raipur now! VSS Raipur follows and acknowledges the CBSE pattern The CBSE exam pattern for classes 9-10 has been revised. For class 9th and 10th, all CBSE schools will now feature assertion and reasoning questions. For a long time, assertion and reasoning questions were part of the syllabus for several entrance and government exams. These questions are designed to improve students’ critical thinking and analytical abilities. Even the best CBSE school to join Class 9 in Raipur, have not yet come to terms with this subject but VSS Raipur has. VSS Raipur has its own unique set of curricula in accordance with the CBSE pattern and adheres solely to it. Further, we have no hesitation to say that VSS Raipur is indeed the best school to join class 9.

Can the Best school for class 9th and 10th, teach the difference between assertion and reasoning?

VSS Raipur absolutely can and will teach the students logical reasoning thoroughly! This is a story that we like to tell our students: Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian leader, was boarding a train. One of his sandals slid off and landed on the floor. The train was on its way, and there was no time to turn around. Gandhi pulled off his second sandal and tossed it at the first without hesitation. When asked why he did it, he answered that one sandal wouldn’t assist him, but two would definitely benefit someone else. It was also a well-informed performance. Gandhi gained two essential insights by tossing that sandal: he understood what the world needed, and he knew what to let go of.

So you see logical reasoning to any kind of life situation be it academic or personal are to be tackled wisely and At VSS Raipur, the Best school for class 9th goes by it. We are certain if a child learns basic logical reasoning at an early age then, they will be able to take their decisions independently and tactfully.

VSS Raipur’s main idea is to build a value system in each man so that he can resist all the challenges of time. True education, we think, is the instruction of both the mind and the heart. Academic success is great, but the heart of education is instilling moral values. We commit to creating students who are not only career-minded but also socially responsible and global citizens. We want to provide a comprehensive education so that our students grow up to be morally upright, emotionally balanced, culturally integrated, socially conscious, and spiritually oriented persons.

Looking for the Best school for class 9th? VSS Raipur it is!

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