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The Relationship between Classroom organization and Cognitive Development

Classroom organization & Cognitive Development

Our environment and surroundings influence the way we behave and function. It influences our thought process. To optimise the learning process, the classrooms should be ergonomically designed in a way that it welcomes the students to get educated.

At Venkateshwar Signature School, the classrooms are aesthetically designed. The height of the furniture, the décor on the walls, the learning aids and the whole ambience of the classrooms are designed keeping in mind the age of the child.

All the classrooms have access to natural light which not only improves mood and reduces stress levels but also creates a more positive learning environment. The wall-length-class-boards are rich with students’ art, craft, projects and creative displays. These visual stimuli help in providing an engaging learning environment by creating a more visually appealing space. It gives the child a sense of belongingness. Since every child is encouraged to contribute to the display board, it also helps cultivate a feeling of inclusivity and a welcoming environment in the classroom.

The temperature is set to a level that is comfortable throughout the year which makes it easy for the students to focus on learning without getting distracted by the sub optimal weather conditions of the city.

Technology impacts student’s learning outcomes. It makes concepts more tangible by making images, videos, information etc. accessible. The smart boards or panels at VSS are equipped with Tata edge classes. This program makes the learning process fun and gives it a new perspective. It engages students and helps them explore and understand new concepts in a way that only textbooks and black/white boards fail to do.

To help students focus, classrooms need to have functional storage. It helps declutter the room while creating a more efficient use of space. When the classroom is neatly organised the students are more receptive to the knowledge the educator imparts. It helps them learn to be more responsible about theirs and others belongings. To conclude, classroom designs do have an impact on student’s learning. VSS takes pride in optimizing’s their classroom set-ups by creating an environment that is best suited for wholesome learning and development.

The Relationship between Classroom organization and Cognitive Development

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