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A: We are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
A: We believe that children are better able to explore new areas of learning and engage more fully with the world around them when they have positive feelings of self-worth and are able to express, understand, and cope with their own emotions and those of others. We focus on instilling the love of learning in each child, allowing the seeds of curiosity and wonder to take root, blossom, and continue to grow for a lifetime.
A: We have an aesthetically designed dining area where children are offered nutritious meals. However, a child has the liberty of carrying his/her own lunch.
A: We have Ninety well ventilated and air conditioned classroom, each with the seating capacity of thirty students. However in line with the social-distancing factor due to the pandemic, strength in each classroom shall not exceed 10.
A: Yes. We take security very seriously. There are over 500 cameras all over the campus. The surveillance room is watched 24x7 ensuring students’ safety. Each classroom has two cameras that provide a 360o vision.
A: Parents may apply online through our website or click on the link (direct link to be attached) to enroll their child. They can also choose to fill out an enrollment form after touring the school and meeting with the admission officer, who will answer questions and discuss availability of openings. Parents can also choose to meet with the Head of School as well as request an online session with the Director of the school.
A: A child is generally enrolled in Venkateshwar Signature School at the beginning of the session. However, we also offer rolling admissions. This allows children to join a classroom at any point during the year if space is available.
A: At Venkateshwar Signature Schools, we hire only the most experienced, qualified, and well-educated teachers. Our hiring requirements surpass those set by the state. All of our teachers have master’s degrees or higher. After they are hired, teachers undergo an in-depth training, and receive ongoing professional development.
A: Teachers and Parents stay connected via technology. Teachers report about the child’s progress on a weekly basis. Parents and teachers are also connected over the telephone. There is a calling time assigned for parents to reach out to the school. Parents can also choose to seek a meeting with the Head of School as well as the Director. Regular Parent-Teacher sessions ensure that communication is in continuum.
A: Students have a choice of CBSE and the Cambridge/CAIE.
A: No, as the content of the two curriculums is vast and different from each other in many ways, it is impossible for a scholar to appear for both the Examinations simultaneously.
A: Grade 6 onwards students have the option to choose from French, German and Sanskrit besides Hindi.
A: Venkateshwar Signature School’s Students are asked to stay back at times for remedial classes to provide them extra support, whenever required. A regular feedback regarding the homework and progress of students keeps parents well-informed and ensures a closely monitored development programme for their children.
A: Due to the current pandemic, online classes are being held regularly via Microsoft Teams. This includes extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities.
In case a child needs extra support, required sessions are planned by the teacher.
A: Physical activity through sports and games is an essential ingredient of the personality development of every scholar. We believe that academics, sports and co-curricular activities are compatible and complimentary in realizing a child’s full potential. Venkateshwar Signature School offers an array of extra and co-curricular activities to choose from Extreme Physical and Skill Based, Greater Skill, Mental, Athletics, Badminton, Fencing, Chess, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Shooting, Gymnastics, Horse riding, Table tennis, Yoga, Football, Tennis, Martial arts, Field Hockey, Squash Wings, Swimming, Wall climbing, Adventure Zone
Activities: Animation, Art and Craft, Astronomy, Career Counseling, Cinematography, Computer Club, Creative Writing, Dance, Design and Technology, Dramatics, English Debating, Hindi Debating, Hindi Dramatics Music Club (Indian Vocal, Indian Instrumental) Music Club (Western Vocal, Western Instrumental) Photography Club, English Language Club, Robotics, Science Club, Social Development/ Community Service, Waste Management
A: Many parents were concerned about whether they will need to provide additional support to students who will be beginning anew at Venkateshwar Signature School. We would like everyone to be rest assured that all the incoming students are in very good hands, though our curriculum and learning environment may be very different from their previous schools, there is absolutely no need to worry about students being able to cope up. We are well aware of the differences in students' abilities and speed of learning. One of the things that make our practices different is that there will be no pressure on students for being able to recite facts or regurgitate their knowledge. Since our educational philosophy is focused on learning, the best way for parents to support students is to ask them something like "What did you learn today?"
A: Students will learn Indian culture and history through an inquiry model, asking and answering questions. Students will also be made aware of Indian history and culture in their other subjects. For example, in their Mathematics classes they might learn about Brahmagupta's calculations. In their Arts classes, they might learn about Indian Classical Dances. In their Humanities classes, they might be asked "How does Mumbai address water treatment and sewage?"Indian history will be explicitly taught through units of inquiry in the primary years and Humanities classes, but the approach will be different than the traditional approach of board exams.
A: Information and communications technology is here to stay, and there is no doubt that the ability to utilize Computer Technology effectively is an immense advantage to students, job-seekers, and businesses today. We will teach children how we use technology safely and effectively. The most important point is that we must proactively teach children to use the internet properly. There will be regularly scheduled lessons, at least once a week from Grade 3, about internet safety and security, appropriate use, and netiquette. Children will be closely supervised and every teacher is trained in how to use. Students will not be left unsupervised to surf the web but they will be closely supervised by teachers who have been trained in issues of cyber-safety.
A: We will use a lot of vigilance and the sustained commitment of a creative and well-educated teaching staff and leadership team. We need to develop a school culture of creativity, holistic education, and lifelong learning. We at VSS, create safe stress-free classrooms and spaces where students and teachers can enthusiastically pursue and develop their ideas without fear of failure or the pressures of short-sighted competitions for marks and results. It is important to recognize the role that parents must play in developing such exciting and creative spaces. Like teachers, parents must model creativity and lifelong learning by shifting focus to ‘learning outcomes’ than marks. If a student is passionate and creative about what she is learning, and if she feels supported by her teachers and her parents, then the good marks will certainly come.
A: Venkateshwar Signature School supports "language choice and multilingualism." Choices offered include Hindi, French and Spanish. The reason for introducing a second language is to ensure that students first develop a basic level of fluency and competence in English, the primary language of instruction at, and then formally study an additional language. We realize that most students and families that come to Venkateshwar Signature School are already multilingual and we want to encourage all students to develop their multilingualism. We also realize that families often have particular needs for pursuing certain languages, and we want to assist families in pursuing their own languages rather than telling them which languages to study.
A: Assessment is a natural part of learning, and the purpose of assessment is to help children improve as they are learning. In the middle years, feedback and assessment form a continuous process whereby teachers help students improve. We use rubrics to inform the students and parents of the exact descriptors for each level of achievement. We use both formative and summative assessment.
A: Venkateshwar Signature School offers an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, which focuses on all round development of the child by providing state-of-the-art learning facilities and fully espousing the Learner Profile and its core philosophy. Venkateshwar Signature School enables students to pursue well-rounded academic excellence and recognizes that besides academics, good learning is also about enjoying the experience of life as a whole through arts, athletics, outreach and much more
A: No, Venkateshwar Signature School does not have any application deadlines for student admissions. We have a rolling admissions policy, and we will accept applications around the year as long as places are available.
A: We meet with every family who applies to ensure that Venkateshwar Signature School is a good fit for the child, the family, and the school.
A: The fee structure is available to any parents who visit the website or the school campus. We are proud of our school and we want parents to visit and get a feel for the place before they make decisions based on finances.
A: Yes, Venkateshwar Signature School owns a fleet of buses that will pick up students from designated spots. The bus services are provided to parents at reasonable cost. We carefully screen drivers and equip buses with all the latest safety equipment, such as rear-view cameras, speed governors, cameras inside the buses, and lady attendants. We prefer that families use the school buses, but the bus service is not compulsory.
A: Venkateshwar Signature School is a fully authorized CBSE school and as well offers Cambridge curriculum. The primary years are grounded in inquiry, literacy, numeracy, and open-mindedness. The middle years uses an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes communication, intercultural awareness, and holistic education.
A: The association of Indian Universities, the organization that awards equivalence to foreign degrees in India, has granted equivalence to Cambridge international A levels, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O levels. All Indian boards and universities accept IGCSE.

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