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To all the Learners…

This blog is to remind you the significance of your existence, to remind you the great role you are here to play. This is to ignite the young explorer, the innovator, the inventor, the discoverer that has shut itself down in the midst of this conundrum of the rat race, which we are all part of. This is to illuminate that dark corner where the curious learner has lost oneself.

Dear learner, you are no different from –Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Einstein, KalpanaChawla, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg,rather I should say you are the one who is here to take their legacy forward, you are the one who will make this world better than what it is today, you are here to take innovations and inventions to the new heights, you are here to prove that even sky is not the limit for us, you are here to redefine the terms- ‘Success’ and ‘Achievements’. Each one of you is one of your ownkind – a unique individual, a distinguished personality, all you need is to recognize yourself, acknowledge your individuality and create your own signature. Success has no short-cuts and achievements have no cheat-codes. We are all students of life, the only difference being: each one is on a different page or at times on a completely different book, each failure is a lesson learnt, and the ones who succeed are those who never cease to be the learners. The day you cease to learn, you cease to live and exist.  Existence without a purpose has no value, we should live to add value to this world and for that we need no validation.

Always remember: –

  • You need no title to be a leader.
  • Turbulent times build great leaders.
  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • To be a Great Leader, first become a Great Human being!


A Co-learner, somewhere on a different page or from a different book

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